Welcome to the Reformer Works community live class schedule!

Classes are Monday and Wednesday at 6:30pm – 7:30pm BSTclick here to see the schedule in your time zone.

Click on the event in the calendar at the bottom of the page to access the Zoom link for the live class (logged in members only).

Our live online reformer sessions include:

50 minutes of teacher-led reformer sequences
10 minutes for you to work on your specific goals
Plus 10 mins after class for optional questions and community discussion


  • We promote a culture of students working to their full potential as well as understanding their current limitations. We encourage you to work out your own modifications – what works best for you at this moment? Less spring? More spring? Different reps? A little rest?

  • If you hate doing an exercise or it’s just not for you today, do one of your favourites instead. I’d love to see you make these choices and it will help me learn your preferences. As your fitness and motor skills improve, you may fancy having a go at an exercise you previously hated. But you may not – both choices are excellent strategies for loving your exercise time and finding your own way on the reformer.

  • I will help you learn how to work your body in multiple different ways on the reformer, but I don’t typically offer alignment corrections or try and direct micro changes in your form. Our bodies are all different and straight isn’t necessarily better – I do not aim to teach an aesthetic discipline.

  • Feel empowered to work at your own pace, in a way that suits your individual body. If you want to rest – take a break, get water, pop out or leave – do it!