Super fun,
acrobatic reformer
at home

Learn cool new moves
Develop your home reformer practice
Fall in love with this machine

Learn reformer in our community

We are passionate about the incredible benefits of reformer for body and mind. That unique combination of strengthening and stretching, the feeling of getting stronger and more flexible. The joy of achievement, the stress-relief and healthy energy boost.

Our community is non-competitive and we work with you to find the right goals for your body as it is today.

8 x live virtual reformer classes a month

Push yourself and learn new moves in our live, online Zoom classes. Ask questions and get personalised feedback.

Custom home reformer plans

Your ideal home reformer plan tailored to your goals. Request a new plan when you fancy a change.

Join our community

Connect with other reformer lovers in our private community. Personal profiles, social networking and private messaging.



1:1 personal assessment

Our initial assessment includes health and lifestyle screening, review of your reformer experience and the opportunity to address any questions or concerns. We will agree meaningful, functional goals and can also advise you on reformer set up.

Tailored home programmes

We work together to create your ideal home reformer plan, helping you become autonomous on the reformer. To switch up your plan just fill in our online form with your new requirements/goals. Home plans feature digital flashcards with positioning, springs and movement ideas.

Up-to-date theory

We try to stay as up-to-date as possible with current movement research, to offer you the most evidence-based reformer practice. Learn about the best exercise for health, motor learning and muscle development, as well as busting common myths around posture, breathing and alignment.

8 x live classes per month

Create healthy routines with our live, online 60-min reformer classes. Learn new reformer skills, challenge yourself and get personalised feedback. Our live classes offer the opportunity to push yourself with like-minded people to cheer you on – learn some cool new moves!

Community + private chat

Connect with other reformer lovers in our private community. Track your goals and shout about your achievements. Write posts, share links, create polls and comment on other community posts, as well as private messaging with your teacher and other class members. Personal profiles for every class member.

Flexible membership

Stay in control with our flexible monthly memberships. Cancel anytime with no questions or penalties. Join our club via a Paypal subscription or arrange a standing order with your bank. Your card/account details are never accessed by Reformer Works and you are in full control of your membership and billing.


Live classes with reformer lovers

We understand the unique benefits of regular, scheduled live classes for motivation and skills development. The value of routine, shared experience and social connection.

Explore new movement in a supportive environment
Learn new exercises, variations and tricks
Ask questions and get personalised feedback

Personalised home reformer plan

Collaborate with us to create your perfect home reformer plan, tailored to your needs and goals. Work in a way that’s truly meaningful to you.

Feel empowered to be autonomous on the reformer
Get to know the machine and its many possibilities
Develop your home practice

Working out at home can be isolating, so we have created a private community of class members for social networking and engagement.

Share your knowledge and experience with the group
Track your progress and celebrate your achievements
Connect with people who share your special interest